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Are you looking for someone who can speak well for your side and help you protect your rights? Get dependable legal representation from Bagwell & Bagwell PC in Halifax, VA. Our attorneys will help you win your case, especially those that caused personal injury. Using effective legal strategies, the experts at Bagwell & Bagwell PC - George H. Bagwell will ensure you get the right criminal defense to have justice prevail in the courtroom.
Auto accident - sue in Halifax, VA
Auto Accidents
Injury - sue in Halifax, VA
Personal Injury
Hospital negligence - sue in Halifax, VA
Hospital and Other Medical Negligence
Real estate transaction - sue in Halifax, VA
Real Estate TransactionS
Wills and assets - sue in Halifax, VA
Wills and Assets Protection
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Our law firm will be on your side to study and help you get the best possible result for your case. We will bring you and your loved ones the hope and peace of mind you need to start a new beginning. Contact us at (434) 476-6521 to schedule an appointment with our legal counsel.